A vision for simple Christian schooling

It seems an apposite time to share my vision for simple Christian schooling. As mentioned in a previous post, my paradigm has been shaped by several influences. Some aspects of this vision and mission (particularly the method) may change with God’s guidance. However, the framework below hopefully allows you to conceive of my pedagogical approach, with the view to building a like-minded community around this vision and mission. Other micro-schools may differ in their educational strategies, and I believe these differences should be encouraged. The more schooling options available for children with unique learning needs, the better.

What is a simple school?

A simple school is intentionally designed around a straightforward process that partners with parents to move young people through growth from childhood to adulthood.

What is a micro-school?

A micro-school is an academic support programme for home-schoolers and their families (particularly secondary-aged students) where teachers with valid teaching credentials provide project-based, small group tutorial sessions in their area of expertise.

How is a Christian micro-school uniquely different?

A simple Christian micro-school is neither student-centred nor teacher-centred; it is God-centred. At the core of all learning is the belief that our purpose on earth is to serve our Creator. Christian young people will be taught to stand firm in their faith and establish a solid foundation of robust apologetics in interaction with non-Christian worldviews, while lovingly and intelligently demonstrating the superiority and supremacy of the Christian worldview.


Glorify God in living good lives. (1 Peter 2:12)


Truth. (John 14:6)

Love. (Mark 12:30-31)

Integrity. (1 Peter 2:12)


In all that we do and teach, we will:

Proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ (Truth).

Present the good news of the Gospel to those around us (Love).

Demonstrate authentic faith while living within Christian community (Integrity).


Support parents and churches in training up children in the way they should live.

Build a reproducible model of autonomous (non-government funded) Christian micro-schooling to operate within similar Christian communities around Australia and the world.


Small class sizes (six to ten students).

Lessons held three days per week, four hours per day.

Portfolio with learning tasks (as opposed to assessments) set for alternate days.

Individualised education plans according to ability rather than age.

Excursions and variety; outdoor learning where possible.

2 thoughts on “A vision for simple Christian schooling”

  1. That sounds fantastic, Dani! If a student, in a small group, working at his or her ability level rather than age level, has 3 solid 4-hour sessions per week, with set work in between, they will thrive and find learning to be an enjoyable experience. Especially if the element of time-consuming discipline and management of unruly classmates is minimised, if not eliminated.
    May you be blessed as you continue your research and planning towards this goal, Dani.

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