Why teach? Because of these kids.

Here is a snapshot of ten special moments from Term 1 this year – just a sample of the events and conversations that daily occur and remind me how great young people really are!

  1. Vimbikai wrote this pearl of a story opening: ‘Drying the wet tears dripping on my face, I chucked the last picture frame to the wall. The sound of the glass breaking somehow put me at ease.’
  2. Patrick emailed me a funny YouTube video about grammar because he knew I would enjoy watching it.
  3. Kade greets me cheerfully (and loudly) whenever he sees me, even from across the courtyard.
  4. John, a graduate from last year, visited just to say hello.
  5. Joseph engaged me in a truly mind-blowing conversation about his ideas for inventions to make the world a better place.
  6. Some Year 7 boys picked figs for me to eat while on lunch duty.
  7. Evan left his group of friends at the cross country carnival to ask me about my holiday plans.
  8. Taylah gifted me a chocolate Easter bunny with a lovely message attached.
  9. Cadeyrn came to the staff room to hand me a slice of pizza as a thanks offering for editing his (5,000-word!!) short story.
  10. Isaac, Enrique and George regularly prayed for our Form class.

And one last one… A parent sent me an encouraging email expressing her gratitude for my work with her son. The highlight of that day!

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